Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird.msg not found
Author Tetram Corp

firebird.msg must be in Firebird directory.
when you use fbembed.dll, the Firebird directory is the dll one... so if
you put fbembed.dll in you application directory, the firebird directory
becomes the application directory... so you have to put firebird.msg in
your application directory.


Christian Kaufmann a écrit :
> Hi,
> something happens that I don't understand.
> Normally I use fbembedded.dll for local connections and as client DLL
> to connect to a server.
> My application is written in Delphi 2007. With dbExpress / Upscene FB
> driver, SQL errors are displayed correctly.
> When I use the UIB components, I get a message "firebird.msg" not
> found. I can solve this problem when:
> - I use fbclient.dll instead of fbembedded.dll
> or
> - I copy the firebird.msg file to my application directory
> Is there a special initialisation to tell the Firebird client where to
> look for the firebird.msg file?
> What goes wrong here?
> cu Christian