Subject Re: How to shutdown Firebird server ?
Author Adam
> We are not the owner of the machines and they want us
> to a certain user to run the Firebird. We can't install any service
on the
> machines. That's why we are running it as an application.

You do realise that you can install Firebird as a different user. In
services.msc, go to the service and the log on tab and enter the new
user account details. Obviously that account will need filesystem
permissions to write to the database file and the firebird directory,
but it can be done.

In fact through group policy rules, your user can be given permission
to start/stop/pause/resume/uninstall that single service even if you
don't have administration rights.

As a service, you can simply say:
net stop firebirdserverdefaultinstance

Unless you are running 9x, I have not seen a good reason to deploy
Firebird as an application.