Subject Re: [firebird-support] Installing FB 1.5 and 2.0.1 on the same machine
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Robert,

> Should it make FB 2 the standard (3050) and change FB 1.5 or visversa?

It does not matter from the FB pov. You should choose what is 'best' for
you. For eg. change the port for the FB version that will take less work to
configure clients.

> We run with FB superserver is it an issue if they run with FB Classic?

No. just make sure you configure the cache settings for each acordingly

> I understand how to change the setting using RemoteServicePort in the
> .Conf file but not sure how to tell the Client dll where to look.

On client side you must especify the port on connection string, eg.


Or... (but I'm not sure) you can configure your clients services file with
an entry like

gds_db/tcp your_port

As I said, I'm not sure, hopefully Helen can enlight us

> Our app automatically
> builds the TCP/IP connection string so specifying the port in the string
> is out for now.

Why?? You you tell your app the server name or ip address is should be easy
just to add a /port after it.

Anderson Farias