Subject GDS Exception. 335544849. Malformed string
Author Fidel Viegas
Hi all,

I have come across a problem whereby I am unable to write utf-8
strings to the database. I have created the database using the utf8
character set, but it does not let me insert strings for French or
Portuguese language characters. It works if I use only english

This was all working on my linux box, but the minute I install it on
windows xp service pack 2, I get that error.

What may be causing that? I have backed up the database from linux and
restored it in windows. Since I was having that problem, I decided to
create a new database just to see if that was the problem, but
unfortunately the error persisted. I have searched the web, but found
no answers.

Could someone explain to me what may cause this to happen?

Thanks in advance,