Subject Re: shut down single via service api (second attempt)
Author tdtappe

> As Dmitry says, it isn't supported yet.

Yes - sigh.

> Without that, I can think of 2 ways
> to accomplish it:
> 1. Stop all connections and rename the database. If you can rename
it, then
> you have full control. Do the updates and then rename it back.
> 2. Shut down the FB server and use the embedded client to do the
updates. If
> the FB server isn't running, clients can't connect remotely. Restart
> service when you finish. The only thing about this is that it means
you have
> to do the work directly on the machine since embedded won't connect
> without the FB server running.

As I usually do not have direct access to the server or file system
and I have to deal with windows and linux hosts these are
unfortunately no options :-(