Subject Re: [firebird-support] shut down single via service api (second attempt)
Author Woody
From: "tdtappe" <tappe@...>
> First time I asked for help the thread was captured by some other
> question :-( Maybe that's the reason why I haven't got any answer
> (yet). So here I go again...
> I can't find any information about how to shut down a database to
> single attachment mode via the services api.
> Can anybody show me the way? :-)

As Dmitry says, it isn't supported yet. Without that, I can think of 2 ways
to accomplish it:

1. Stop all connections and rename the database. If you can rename it, then
you have full control. Do the updates and then rename it back.

2. Shut down the FB server and use the embedded client to do the updates. If
the FB server isn't running, clients can't connect remotely. Restart the
service when you finish. The only thing about this is that it means you have
to do the work directly on the machine since embedded won't connect remotely
without the FB server running.


Woody (TMW)