Subject shut down single via service api (second attempt)
Author tdtappe
First time I asked for help the thread was captured by some other
question :-( Maybe that's the reason why I haven't got any answer
(yet). So here I go again...

I can't find any information about how to shut down a database to
single attachment mode via the services api.
Can anybody show me the way? :-)

Actually I have the following problem: With a new version of our app
the database must be updated before via some SQL script by some
special user (let' say SYS) - the owner of the database. The problem
is that some of our customers let their users connect to the database
via this special user. And every now and then it happens that they do
so while the database is updated (which most probably results in an
So I am looking for a way to prevent more than one connection to the
database while the database is restructured. And I thought/think that
a shut down to single attachment mode is the way to go!?