Subject Embedded Server - "Can't find or load FBCLIENT.DLL or GDS32.DLL"
Author inoffensive_2009
Hi Folks:

Developing on XP Home with Visual Studio 2008 Pro, C++, IBPP, Firebird embedded.

I've been using firebird for a few years, I must be making a dumb

I've re-installed Win XP Media Center on a test machine, in order
to test Inno's ability to run Microsoft's C Run Time Distributable in
silent mode.

I'm surprised to find that I can't run Firebird on this machine
with the new Windows XP install. I'm getting one of these "Can't find
or load FBCLIENT.DLL or GDS32.DLL" errors. The executable is in the
same directory as the 6 Firebird DLL files, and I even tried renaming
FBCLIENT.dll GDS32.DLL, with no luck.

I have another app that also uses embedded Firebird, so I ran
copied Inno's setup file to the new machine and I'm getting the same

Both of these applications run fine on my development system, and
on client systems.

I've run both apps on this computer in the past, but this is a
fresh install of Windows XP Media center, which is derived from XP Pro
instead of XP Home, which is the Windows I'm running on my development PC.

As I said, this must be something really obvious, but I'm not
seeing it.