Subject Firebird 3, superclassic, what the mistake ?
Author svanderclock

i see in
superserver-classicserver-or-superclassic, that the firebird 3 will
be build on the architecture of the Firebird 2 classic !

Does it's mean that the cache will be "not shared" like it's show on
the picture :
content/uploads/image/pages/2008/07/SuperClassicDiagram.png accross
all the clients connections ????

as far as i understand, FB 3 superClassic = FB 2 classic with thread
instead of Process !

so as we have more than 300 concurrents connexions, does it's mean
that some memory cache will be dedicated for all theses
connections ??? everytime on connection is open / close, does it's
also mean that memory cache will be initialised / released ?

thanks you by advance