Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Confused about Firebird releases
Author Werner F. Bruhin
Helen Borrie wrote:
> You might be surprised. Each patch release takes developer resources, build resources (multi-platform, multi-architecture), QA resources, documentation resources, web resources. So - try not to trivialise what it takes to get Firebird releases and patch releases out there to keep you all safe and happy.
> This discussion has become off-topic for firebird-support, but for once I'm going to let it roll. There are more than 6000 of you subscribed to this list. All but ~ 200 of you are happily accustomed to downloading the exact Firebird binary you want with no thought about what it's costing *someone* to provide it. When it comes to field-testing and reporting back you are a lazy bunch. We are lucky to get half a dozen of you contributing to this and it tends to be the same half-dozen.
> Adam and others - I am *really* curious (actually, read that as "anxious") to know where you think the money comes from to fund the three full-time and several part-time codeworkers who deliver Firebird to you.
> Right now, it is REALLY important to ALL OF US, including you non-payers, to hear your theories about a) where the money comes from, b) how long you think it is going to last and c) what you're going to do when it runs out completely.


I think this would merit a new thread!

I really do appreciate (very very .... much) the effort you and others
put in to provide us with an excellent product.

That you still support the 1.5.x line is excellent. Maybe this would be
a potential source of funds, i.e. make it mandatory to pay/donate some
amount before you can get a maintenance release for that "old" a version.

I am one of these "hanger ons" for lack of a better description and if
the FB foundation .... and whoever else who is financing the effort of
providing us this excellent product is running short of money then maybe
some form (and this is not the right place - except maybe a short post
with a link to the page giving some details) "reminder" to all of us
should be posted once every year or maybe twice a year showing the costs
involved, the sources of finance ........ etc and this would give
everyone a kick in their .... to maybe donate something (I just received
the kick:) ).