Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple server installs on linux
Author Anderson Farias

Just to add more info:

I've uninstalled Firebird 1.5 and tryed same procedure now with FB 2.1.

Samething... after renaming /opt/firebird to /opt/fb21 isql and stuf could
not find libic* libraries on /opt/fb21/lib. So I've created sym links for
all of it on /usr/lib. Then, isql executed with errors:

"Missing configuration file: /opt/firebird/firebird.conf, exiting"
"Can't format message xx:x -- message file /opt/firebird/firebird.msg not

BUT... after setting FIREBIRD enviroment variable everything works fine, so
my "guess" is:

1) Firebird executables only look for /opt/firebird path (hard coded), not
it's parent dir
2) It's only possible to set another firebird (root) path by setting
FIREBIRD variable

If that's true than it seems to me *impossible* to run more than one FB
instance on a linux box (without virtualization, of cource) ... that's sad

Anderson Farias