Subject Re: [firebird-support] Can't connect on some routes
Author Lester Caine
John vd Waeter wrote:
> Lester,
>> That is probably what I'm looking for - but I don't use any of those packages
>> and I can't remember loading anything else on this machine - it only runs on
>> local network. I suspect that 3050 is being allowed, since the connection test
>> works - but the returns are being blocked? "connection actively refused" comes
>> up in IB_SQL and IBOConsole - but I think the only way to fix this is wipe
>> windows and try a clean install - which will be a nightmare :(
> Hmmm, that would be the windows-way of solving problems...
> Weird... just trying to rule out: could it be there are some old
> gds32.dll or fbclient.dll lying around on the laptop? As you said, there
> was first 1.5.3 and then 2.0.1 ?

Done a full search of the hard disk and cleared every old copy of both. In
fact I could account for each old one and where it came from - even the
useless PHP ones ( we must do something to get those stripped :( )

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