Subject Can't connect on some routes
Author Lester Caine
This is driving me mad.

Several machines running various versions of Firebird on Windows ( I haven't
got to the linux machines yet :( )

I can see some servers from some machines, but other give connect errors. So
I'm trying to localise things. The starting point was my laptop, which has had
2.0.1 installed after deleting 1.5.3, everything runs fine on board, but I
can't access the databases remotely - connection actively refused - trying to
access the laptop and trying to access from the laptop. I have two brand new
XP machines which will run as display controllers, both of which need to
connect to the database. I have the same version of 2.0.1 on both, and either
machine can connect to the other without a problem but both give the
connection actively refused when I try and connect to them from other machines...

OK - it looks like the problem may just be the laptop. I can connect from
another 2.0 machine but not from the laptop. At the same time I can't connect
from the laptop to any other machine. TESTING the connection using
IBOConsole's TCP/IP check shows that all the machines are connecting OK, but
trying to actually connect to a database is not working. This is obviously
something wrong with 'ports' since apache/php is working fine between all
machines and if it was not for the legacy bits - only apache/php would need to
talk to Firebird but in the short term I need to get everything talking :(

ANY ideas what I should try next.

XP is up to the latest build on all machines, all machines on the same hub,
all firewalls off, ping works, tcp/ip connect tests OK

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