Subject [firebird-support] Re: Special nordic letters in column names
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I can't seem to get iSQL to accept æøå though (and I have fiddled around
>with set names), so I think I'll try my best to avoid those letters instead.

A wise choice, certain things ought to be avoided even if they're possible to do, and æøå in table names may lead to strange problems. 15 years ago, I wrote a program that used a Paradox table containing one such table. It worked OK, except when used on computers from Olivetti. Experiences such as this makes one a bit more careful, and excepting easily changeable things like names for text documents I prefer using an 'alphabet' containing 37 letters (a-z, 0-9, _) and not put the letters together in a combination that may be mistaken (e.g. I avoid using SET as a user, table or field name).