Subject Re: [firebird-support] Can't connect on some routes
Author Lester Caine
Steve Wiser wrote:
> hosts file won't fix dupe IP addresses being assigned. I would just try
> running "arp -a" in the DOS shell on each of the machines (after
> pinging) and make sure the MAC addresses all match up! Let me know if I
> am not being clear.

Yes - BOTH machines give the same MAC address for the respective IP addresses.
BOTH machines have the same versions of client, server and IBOConsole ( and
IB_SQL). But one TESTS OK to the other servers, but will not actually connect
- connection actively refused - while the clone is working fine. Both access
apache fine on the same remote servers.

I am missing something simple but this is not the first time I've had windows
machines that did not want to do things properly :(
Anyway I'm out of the door 10 minutes ago and I'll just have to use Sheila's
laptop for the time being ;)

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