Subject Re: Firebird server redirection problem
Author taliyev
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> Hello,
> I have FB2 installed on multiple servers, Windows and Linux
> I need to use `redirection' feature of the FB (Redirection = 1).
> is where I run into problem. When I try to connect to Windows FB
> via Linux (linux:windows) everything works as expected, but when I
> to connect to Linux FB via Windows FB (windows:linux) I get error :
> connection rejected by remote interface…. Windows to Windows works
> Linux to Linux works…. I have 64 bit CentOS Linux servers.
> What is wrong? What am I missing?
> Thanks

After some experimentation it appears that problem happens when
connection pipe starts from the Windows box. Apparently
windows:windows pipe also does not want to work (along with
windows:linux). All Linux based pipes work ; linux:windows works as
well. I tried to pipe through Windows based FB server that is not a
part of our server group and got the same error: connection rejected
by remote interface. When I use external (not part of the group –
resides on the different network) Linux FB server as the beginning of
the pipe, everything works…

I tried pipe linux:windows on my local network (different location
from our server group) and it works, but l windows:linux does not. I
do not have another Windows server locally to check windows:windows

What is wrong? I have checked (just in case), and Redirect=1 on all
Windows servers….