Subject Re: Firebird server redirection problem
Author taliyev
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:20 AM 24/09/2007, you wrote:
> >Windows is 32bit (2003 Server) (SuperServer FB 2.0.1). We run 64bit
> >Classic FB 2.0.1 on 64bit CentOS 4.5 (RedHat clone). We have 10
> >separate dedicated (dual QuadCore Intel) FB servers . Nothing is
> >virtual.... Connection strings are identical in structure like
> >linux:linux:/database.fdb , linux:windows:d:\database.fdb,
> >windows:linux:/database.fdb and so on... Two windows servers ,
> >Linux. Reason for piping is to have a single point of network entry
> >for accessing multiple FB servers
> >
> >Any clues?
> Try replacing the paths with aliases defined (in aliases.conf) on
> servers. Remember to omit filesystem slashes then.
> Also - make sure that all servers in the chain have port 3050 open
> and that destination server IP addresses are present in
> hosts.allow. If a different port is being used anywhere, don't
> forget to include the ports in the host designators. (It might
> be worthwhile including the port, even if you are using port 3050
> right across the chain.)
> Suppose the database alias is adb:
> linux/3050:linux/3050:adb
> linux/3050:windows.3050:adb,
> windows/3050:linux/3050:adb
> ./heLen

Thank you for your reply.

All of our servers are accessible directly, meaning that if we do not
use pipe type /cross server connection, everything works just fine.
Error only happens when pipe is used AND direction is windows:linux.
This is something about access priviledges, but I cannot grasp where
it is... Why can I connect to linux:/database.fdb but cannot
windows:linux:/database.fdb... Although NO problem with either
windows:d:\database.fdb or linux:windows:d:\database.fdb or
linux:linux:/database.fdb or windows:windows:d:\database.fdb ...