Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird server redirection problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:20 AM 24/09/2007, you wrote:

>Windows is 32bit (2003 Server) (SuperServer FB 2.0.1). We run 64bit
>Classic FB 2.0.1 on 64bit CentOS 4.5 (RedHat clone). We have 10
>separate dedicated (dual QuadCore Intel) FB servers . Nothing is
>virtual.... Connection strings are identical in structure like
>linux:linux:/database.fdb , linux:windows:d:\database.fdb,
>windows:linux:/database.fdb and so on... Two windows servers , eight
>Linux. Reason for piping is to have a single point of network entry
>for accessing multiple FB servers
>Any clues?

Try replacing the paths with aliases defined (in aliases.conf) on all
servers. Remember to omit filesystem slashes then.

Also - make sure that all servers in the chain have port 3050 open
and that destination server IP addresses are present in
hosts.allow. If a different port is being used anywhere, don't
forget to include the ports in the host designators. (It might even
be worthwhile including the port, even if you are using port 3050
right across the chain.)

Suppose the database alias is adb: