Subject Re: Firebird server redirection problem
Author taliyev
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> taliyev wrote:
> > Anybody?!
> >
> > --- In, "taliyev" <taliyev@>
> >>I need to use `redirection' feature of the FB (Redirection = 1).
> >>to connect to Linux FB via Windows FB (windows:linux) I get
error :
> >>connection rejected by remote interfaceÂ…. Windows to Windows
> Well, without giving more details like exact Firebird version (I
> 2.0.1?) and connection strings you use, it's hard to guess.
> >>Linux to Linux worksÂ…. I have 64 bit CentOS Linux servers.
> Is Windows also 64bit? Do you run 64bit Firebird or 32bit?
> Does windows-windows and linux-linux include 2 same machines (dual
> with same IP adresses? Or you have 4 separate machines on which you
> test? Is some or the servers running in OS in a virtual machine?
> --
> Milan Babuskov

Windows is 32bit (2003 Server) (SuperServer FB 2.0.1). We run 64bit
Classic FB 2.0.1 on 64bit CentOS 4.5 (RedHat clone). We have 10
separate dedicated (dual QuadCore Intel) FB servers . Nothing is
virtual.... Connection strings are identical in structure like
linux:linux:/database.fdb , linux:windows:d:\database.fdb,
windows:linux:/database.fdb and so on... Two windows servers , eight
Linux. Reason for piping is to have a single point of network entry
for accessing multiple FB servers

Any clues?