Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird server redirection problem
Author Milan Babuskov
taliyev wrote:
> Anybody?!
> --- In, "taliyev" <taliyev@...>
>>I need to use `redirection' feature of the FB (Redirection = 1).
>>to connect to Linux FB via Windows FB (windows:linux) I get error :
>>connection rejected by remote interface…. Windows to Windows works

Well, without giving more details like exact Firebird version (I assume
2.0.1?) and connection strings you use, it's hard to guess.

>>Linux to Linux works…. I have 64 bit CentOS Linux servers.

Is Windows also 64bit? Do you run 64bit Firebird or 32bit?

Does windows-windows and linux-linux include 2 same machines (dual boot)
with same IP adresses? Or you have 4 separate machines on which you
test? Is some or the servers running in OS in a virtual machine?

Milan Babuskov