Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 4 most recent detail rows per master row
Author Milan Babuskov
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>Assuming that detail and master and joined on field called "id":
>>select d.*
>>from detail d
>>join master m on =
>>where 4 > (
>> select count(*)
>> from detail d2
>> where =
>> and <
> Milan got it close but not quite (it wouldn't return anything for Master
> which had less than 4 details)

Actually, I did get it. Zero is less than 4, 1 is less than 4, 2 is less
than 4 and 3 is also less than four, so it would return all (0,1,2,3) rows.

Anyway, as you wrote - a nice execute statement would be a much better

Milan Babuskov