Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stripping Down Firebird Classic Server
Author Steve Wiser
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 03:43 PM 17/09/2007, you wrote:
> >Hello.
> >
> >I've been trying to strip down Firebird Classic Server FirebirdCS-
> > because the deployment server requires
> >me to have minimal installation (preferably 5MB; much lesser the
> >better). After removing directories such as examples, help, and doc,
> >I came up with around 10-11MB (including xinetd).
> xinetd is big. You don't need it if you use Superserver.

> This could be off topic, but could he/she use tcpserver
> ( instead of xinetd? We use it for our
> qmail servers and it seems to quite a good replacement for inetd (not
> sure about xinetd), but I don't know the size off the top of my head.
> Anyways, just throwing it out there in case he/she needs to use
> Classic and wants some more options.
> -steve