Subject Stripping Down Firebird Classic Server
Author gio_online

I've been trying to strip down Firebird Classic Server FirebirdCS- because the deployment server requires
me to have minimal installation (preferably 5MB; much lesser the
better). After removing directories such as examples, help, and doc,
I came up with around 10-11MB (including xinetd).

I am still trying to reduce the installation size so I have the
following questions:

1. Is there a tar file which I can download for minimal installation?

2. Under the lib directory, can I remove (2.4MB big)?
I will be using Firebird in a client/server env and not for embedded.

3. Is there any documentation on the purpose of each installed files
(so that I can check if it's okay for me to remove it in the

4. If there are at most 5 concurrent clients, is Firebird classic

5. In one of my previous emails, it was mentioned that database
files won't get smaller if I delete records. If for example I have
10MB of db file (just an example) and I delete 100 records, the the
db dile will still be 10MB right? If I insert 100 records later,
will the db file size still increase or remain at 10MB? Will it not
occupy the space of the 100 records that was deleted previously?

Thank you very much for your time.