Subject Re: [firebird-support] algorythm for BIG RED BUTTON
Author Fabiano Bonin
Anderson, to have the right to protect your private data against
whoever it is, is different to do illegal stuff.

Criptografy is used worldwide to protect private data by banks,
governs, and also by terrorists, but it doesn't mean that everybody
who uses it are doing illegal stuff or are not professionals.

I am trying to give technical details about how to protect your data.
Each one is free to use it as they want. I use it for many purposes,
i.e. to protect my source code and my private stuff. It does not mean
i'm not a professional or i'm a criminal.

There is a discussiong going to add encryption natively to firebird.
We can't say that everybody involved with this discussion are
criminals, altought for sure some people can use this feature to hide
criminal records.

There are brilliant scientists around the word working on
criptography, and i don't think we can tell they are "doing illegal
acts themselves" or "using their knowledge to do bad things",
according to your words.

On 9/13/07, Anderson Farias <peixedragao@...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> It sure isn't quite pleasant come to a group where people are discussing
> "how to do illegal stuff". I *think* this list is for *professionals* and
> *entusiasts* to discuss tecnical issues not criminal ones. IMHO.
> Also, again IMHO helping anybody on illegal acts is the very same as doing
> it itself. Anybody should use their knowlege on doing good things only.
> Regards,
> Anderson