Subject Re: [firebird-support] algorythm for BIG RED BUTTON
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Fabiano,

You've missunderstood me. I did not say anything abouy criptografy, it
whould be a nosense to do so. *Anything* can be used legaly or ilegaly,
criptografy included. It depends on the way that knowlege or technology is
going to be used.

I don´t know from where im my message you took as I was blaming criptografy,
I don't even mentioned it.

You´re right that everyone has the right to protect his data, but this is
not the case on this thread. This thread was about how to maintain some
illegal data "protected" from authorities so the illegality could not be


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> Anderson, to have the right to protect your private data against
> whoever it is, is different to do illegal stuff.
> Criptografy is used worldwide to protect private data by banks,
> governs, and also by terrorists, but it doesn't mean that everybody
> who uses it are doing illegal stuff or are not professionals.
> (...)