Subject Re: [firebird-support] algorythm for BIG RED BUTTON
Author Woody
From: "Anderson Farias" <peixedragao@...>
> It sure isn't quite pleasant come to a group where people are discussing
> "how to do illegal stuff". I *think* this list is for *professionals* and
> *entusiasts* to discuss tecnical issues not criminal ones. IMHO.
> Also, again IMHO helping anybody on illegal acts is the very same as doing
> it itself. Anybody should use their knowlege on doing good things only.

While the original implication of the OP might *seem* illegal, it could have
simply been an analogy. That said, there are many times that innocent
workers such as ourselves, have great ideas which are then used by others
for dastardly purposes. If the intention is illegal from the onset, then I
would agree with you.

There are many times where I've wanted to sit down and take the time to
create an icon on my desktop that my wife could click in the event of my
untimely death. It would execute a program similar to this concept which
would generate various "packages" for distribution such as zips of source
files for various clients, documents she might need and not know where to
find, etc., etc.. I might even get around to doing it one day.

Oops, gotta run. Here comes ^Helen with the "Enough of the off-topic
already!" look in her eyes. <GD&R> ;-)

Woody (TMW)