Subject Re: Multithreaded Database
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Sorry for asking more technical in delphi, hope you understand delphi.

My Delphi experience is more than 7 years old...

> Actualy i'm not yet fully understand multithreading, especially the
> multithread type on RemoteDataModule. I'm using them to connect my
> 3-tier application. I Set Multiple Instance and Single Threading
> Model. What is this meant? Is my server application is multithreaded,
> means every client application connection will create one thread or
> will only create single thread for all connection?

In my Delphi times I remember to instantiate (if I'm not mistaken) an
TThread class (or it subclass?) and simply open a new connection in it
and execute statement there. Rest of the application, IIRC, was intact
(i.e. after obtaining the data TQuery component "notified" the linked
grid). That guaranteed that GUI did not freeze during the query
execution (some of my queries were running up to 20 minutes).

> I Need to ask this, because i want to know that, is my applicatin
will behave like the one u mention, ie, will wait for every operation
to complet or not. Thanks for the help

I do not know, but assuming that Borland did not invent something
here, I'd say - yes. At that times there were no RemoteDataModule (or
I did not know about it). Hopefully somebody can help you here.