Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Multithreaded Database
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:57 PM 12/09/2007, you wrote:

>Sorry for asking more technical in delphi, hope you understand delphi.

Regrets, but this is not a Delphi forum.

>Actualy i'm not yet fully understand multithreading, especially the
>multithread type on RemoteDataModule. I'm using them to connect my
>3-tier application. I Set Multiple Instance and Single Threading
>Model. What is this meant? Is my server application is multithreaded,
>means every client application connection will create one thread or
>will only create single thread for all connection?

Try this site: it will answer all your basic n-tier questions and much more!

> > I Need to ask this, because i want to know that, is my applicatin
> will behave like the one u mention, ie, will wait for every
> operation to complet or not.

Treat your database "newbie" issues as one set of skills you need to
develop. This support list will help. It seems you are asking this
because you don't understand transactions. All database operations
in Firebird occur inside transactions. Each transaction is isolated
from all other transactions. The way a transaction is configured
determines whether or not its requests will block (or be blocked
by) other transactions. It's a big and important area of
understanding for working with client/server database services like
Firebird, Oracle, PostGreSQL, etc.

Treat your newness with developing n-tier application architectures
as another, quite separate, but off-topic for this list. Roman, who
kindly responded to your previous question, administers a very lively
list for Java programmers using his Jaybird driver to connect their
Java programs to Firebird. There are other lists around for other
programming languages - see

A well-thought-out n-tier system is quite neutral about which
database servers it connects to...but this side of your
knowledge-building needs to be developed outside of this support list.

^ heLen