Subject Re: NULL Date values
Author jeff_j_dunlap
> The NULL state of a field is not stored in the field itself, but in
> a separate structure. If the field is NULL, the value stored in the
> space allocated for the field is irrelevant and indeterminate. To
> evaluate a field, one must first check the NULL state. If the field
> is not NULL, then the value in the field buffer is valid.
> As it happens, date field buffers are normally zeroed before values
> are stored. Zero is the base date, 17 November 1858. That's what
> you're seeing. And this behavior is old. Very old. Older than
> Firebird - perhaps even older than some Firebird developers.
> Regards,
> Ann

Hi Ann,

Zero is the base date, 17 Nov. 1858? The Interbase 6 Data Definition
doc states that valid dates are from Jan. 1, 100 AD to Feb. 29, 32768

Then I read the IB6 Embedded SQL doc and it says that the base 0 date
is Nov. 17, 1858.

Do you happen to know what this means?