Subject NULL Date values
Author jeff_j_dunlap

I have experience with non-SQL databases. I am currently working on
a web application and have run into a problem that happens when the
user does not supply a date and NULL is stored to FB.

Last night, I installed rFunc and used DateToStr which properly
converts the date value to a string format, but if the date value is
NULL, the string value returned is 11.17.4294967254!

I don't know what that value is supposed to mean and I am surprised
that the DateToStr function does not test for NULL and return an
empty string whenever a NULL date is recieved.

This leads me to believe that maybe I should be storing an empty
value into a date field when the date is unknown. Is there a way to
store an 'empty' date value in FB2 instead of NULL?

Any suggestions appreciated,

Thank You