Subject Re: Detect Firebird Server Type
Author Mathias Burbach
Hello Helen,

Thanks for your reply.

Helen wrote:
> It seems to me you might have problems with conflicting server
> ports. Could that be the case?
That would surprise me as conflicting ports should restrict us from
doing any backup with GBAK. But the syntax as published in your book
(without the errata) works just fine on our Classic Server:

gbak -b -se [ServerName]:service_mgr
-user [UserName] -password [Password]

Nevertheless I have checked our FB Classic Server machine with netstat
-a -b according to your advice. Here are the results:

TCP FBClassicServerBox:3050 AppServerBox:0 LISTENING 180

TCP FBClassicServerBox:3050 AppServerBox:4191 ESTABLISHED 180

TCP FBClassicServerBox:3050 AppServerBox:4194 ESTABLISHED 180


And it goes on like that for many connections established at the time
netstat ran. Well, they all listen on port 3050 but have different
incoming port numbers. I can't see a problem here.

The [DBFileName] can't be wrong either as my test tool loads it from
an INI file and it works as long as [ServerName] is specified twice on
our Classic Server.

I have also compared the versions of FB & its GBAK on
[FBClassicServerBox] and [AppServerBox]. They are identical.

I'd really like to get one syntax to work in both scenarios. Thanks
for your help so far and any future hint you might have.