Subject rFunc UDF Library Installation in FB2
Author Jeff Dunlap

I downloaded rFunc but am unsure as to how to install it. The included instructions (at the bottom of this message) did not make too much sense to me. Also, the instructions are directed to IB6 and there is no mention of FireBird. Will the installation work with FB2 as well?

I understand that the dll gets copied to the UDF directory. As for the rest of the instructions, I am clueless.

If anyone can tell me what steps are required, I would sincerly appreciate it.

rFunc November 26, 2003

3. Installing the library
With the distribution kit the compilated rFunc library only for IB6 is delivered. For other versions IB it is necessary independently ñêîìïèëèðîâàòü it or, by becoming the registered user, to receive it from us.
For Windows:
1. The RFUNC.DLL file is necessary for copying in a folder
variant 1: <IB path>\Bin (for IB6 - <IB path>\UDF), where <IB path> is path to a folder, in which Interbase is installed (is recommended).
variant 2: Windows\System (for Windows 9x) or WinNT\System32 (Windows NT, 2k).
2. only for IB 5.x: copy ib_util.dll file from <IB path>\Lib to <IB path>\Bin.
If on one computer some versions of servers Interbase are installed, it is necessary to use the rFunc library, appropriate to the installed client IB (GDS32.DLL).
It is recommended before start of the Interbase server to substitute GDS32.DLL on appropriate to the version of the server.

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