Subject Re: What hardware will I need for my DB?
Author federonline
I have some comments below...

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> Thanks for your answers Martijn! A few more questions:
> What do you mean by "any modern machine should do"? Modern machines
> range from $250 to the sky. Could you point me to a typical
> configuration?

I have put 100M FB CS DB on a fanless 1GHz VIA processor with a 40GB
HD, and 512M RAM. It has approximately 8 constant connections, and
has never had a problem. It processes transactions at a rate of
~20-30 per minute, sometimes a bit faster.

> Apart from having the most important fields indexed properly, what's
> the sinlge most important thing for making sure that my queries will
> perform well?

Queries and Views are INCREDIBLY important in the case above because
there is not a lot of resources. I took some time to tool the
indexes, queries and views for speed. I could probably go back and
find issues, but I'm not about to fix what works.

> What bad experience do you have with using WLAN and FB together?
I actually ran a similar system with a web page across a Wi-Max
(Cellular Wireless Card) at about 250Kbs, and it wasn't that great.
I'd avoid ANY wireless, if possible. Client apps using wireless to
get to the LAN the DB server is on might not be that bad, but I would
consider it sub-optimal.