Subject Re: Should updates be this slow?
Author inoffensive_2006
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> Hi, and,
> 4) do you have any (before or after) update triggers on this table?

Thanks Anderson:

I've never used stored procedures or triggers.

I have Helen's book, and I've been reading about them.

I'll give them a try.

> Also, X2 is a dual-core cpu, so I would advise you to *not* use FB
> SuperServer. Go with Classic and you'll experience a better performance
> (maybe not that big on your notbook but certainly on your costomer's
> if they use dual-core or any SMP box) -- I think it worth a try on your
> machine.

The customers of this machine can't be expected to know anything
about computers, or databases, or how many cores they have in their

I'm using Inno to install my app, and my app invokes Firebird's
silent install.

I've just removed Firebird and told my code that installs
Firebird to pass the silent install

After installing the Classic Server the timing numbers came
out exactly the same.

Is it possible I'm still running SuperServer? Is there a
way to find out which server I'm using?

While my machine is modest, it's actually an HP Media Center PC,
for under the desk. I can understand why you would think it's a
notebook from the specs I provided. :)

> And about your configuration, you did not say about how much memmory
> have but your cpu is fine. For production I'd only go with faster
and more
> reliable (HDD) drives or some SATA raid, if possibe. But thats just
MHO and
> it depends on your real needs of course.

It has a Gig of memory.

I'm a big believer in SCSI and Unix. And I'll encourage
them to use that spec as a server platform if they are serious.
But I'm sure many will choose a modest Windows PC like the
one I'm using for development.

Memory is cheap, I'll probably be able to get them to
splurge for more if that will help.

As I've told the others who responded to this thread, I
appreciate your advice.