Subject Should updates be this slow?
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Folks:

I'm running Superserver 2.0.1 in Windows XP Media on a
low end AMD X2, a 3800+, and a 100GB IDE drive. My app is
running on the system.

This isn't the system I'd choose for the best performance,
but it's probably representative of what my customers will

The contact table, describing persons and organizations,
is a fat thing, but a SELECT of the database key and a
varchar large enough to hold a person's first and last name
will plow through at a little over 7000 records a second, with
overhead for my C++ code to allocate a class instance and put
its address in a STL vector.

The vector is sorted and an index is calculated for each
record. The UPDATE sets a new value for a BIGINT index
in the contact table.

This operation is grinding along at about 330 records per

I've altered the the index for these records, to disable
the index during the updates, and enable after the updates.

Does this sound like the performance I should expect, or
am I doing something wrong?

I'm ignorant of the ways of SQL and Firebird, so I'm
interested in suggestions.