Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Should updates be this slow?
Author Anderson Farias
Hi, and,

4) do you have any (before or after) update triggers on this table?

Also, X2 is a dual-core cpu, so I would advise you to *not* use FB
SuperServer. Go with Classic and you'll experience a better performance
(maybe not that big on your notbook but certainly on your costomer's servers
if they use dual-core or any SMP box) -- I think it worth a try on your

And about your configuration, you did not say about how much memmory you
have but your cpu is fine. For production I'd only go with faster and more
reliable (HDD) drives or some SATA raid, if possibe. But thats just MHO and
it depends on your real needs of course.


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> 1) do you use parametrized update statement, or do you compile it each
> time?
> 2) Do you commit each update or (whole) batch?
> 3) Do you have index defined on updated field(s) ?