Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Should updates be this slow?
Author Pavel Cisar
inoffensive_2006 wrote:
> It takes a little more than a second to read all 8000 of
> the records, and 24 seconds to update them.
> I'm just curious about the speed of the updates. And I'm
> wondering if I'm doing something that makes them that slow.

Depends. Updates (and deletes) are always a little bit slower than
inserts and inserts are (typically much more) slower than selects, so
yes, there definitely will be performance difference between both
operations, but how much it's slower depends on many factors.

1) do you use parametrized update statement, or do you compile it each time?

2) Do you commit each update or (whole) batch?

3) Do you have index defined on updated field(s) ?

best regards
Pavel Cisar