Subject Re: [firebird-support] inet_error 10054 and 10022
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Helen, thanks for your input

first, I'm using FB 1.5.3 CS on Windows 2003 server

> It is a "connection reset by peer" error. If the log indicates that
> it is coming from the server side then it is probably just users

How do I know it's comming from client side? eg:

SVSABEITA Fri Aug 24 15:16:48 2007
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

SVSABEITA is the server name. If it was from a client, It would have the
client machine name instead?

> terminating their applications badly (application crashing, or users
> switching off without closing down the app, or users pulling out the
> network cable while connected.)

sometimes I also get
"SERVER/process_packet: broken port, server exiting"

I thought this was the error from the actions you've mentioned. so, could
you also tell me what the above error means?

> If nobody is complaining, it
> probably isn't something to lose sleep over.

lol... =) ok

> failed because the client lost contact (or could not connect). If
> so, are you seeing Guardian "restart" messages in the log as well?
> (Server crashes.)

No. I don't use guardian (forgot to say before that this is a CS box)
and no, no server crashes (as far as I understand from the log entries)

Many thanks for your help,