Subject Firebird GFIX loops ...
Author Erik De Laet

I ran out of disk space while updating a Firebird 1.5 database (size
about 0.5 GB).

I am able to open it (using database workbench), but cannot access
the main (largest) table below a certain point) nor can I do a select
count(*) ... from this table.

When I run GFIX and look into the firebird.log file, it seems to
continue looping while trying to fix the db: it shows a large number
of messages: Page 60000 double allocated (with page ranges between
60000 and about 69800 - about every 5th page show this error).

Than it produces one Index corrupt error on the last page number:
'Index 1 is corrupt on page 69751 in table STATS (136)'
and than restarts the double allocated error messages.

Is there any way I can fix this database (apart from restoring it
from a backup) ?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Erik De Laet
Programmer by choice and profession.