Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux Classic 2.x
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Alexandre,

> 1.) Use more RAM that is available, making the process to go to swap,
> what will be terrible

Not an issue

> 2.) If you are smart enough to look if the process is trashing to disk,
> and set down the cache size the process will not trash (what is good),

I am ;-)

> but every connection will keep a piece of the database that is most used
> but a lot of duplicated data will be held by each connection (since

that's by design, these 'duplicate' are used by different processes, as they
need it

> a lot of RAM will be available to OS keep it's
> own cache, since the OS file system cache is unique you will keep a
> bigger part of the database in RAM.

Ahh... here's the point! So, OS cache can be valuable to FB CS processess,
more than it's own cache? Did not notice that.

But... nother question that raises: if one got enougth memory to have a
bigger FB cache and still leave a lot of memory to the OS own cache... Would
stil be a bad Idea?

> Get it now ?

Yes, thanks!