Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Connect using dynamic ip address?
Author Milan Babuskov
mlq97 wrote:
> To test my networked app I'm trying to set up an isolated VMWare
> virtual network on my laptop and have a db "server" and 2 clients
> within this. However my app uses TCPIP for DB access and I can't
> figure out how to set the virtual network up to make this work. Is it
> possible to do this?

As I understand you have multiple VMs on a same machine?

The easiest setup is to run the server on the host, and clients in VMs.
Set networking to NAT setting in VMWare and simply connect to some of
the host machine interfaces (IP address of ethernet card for example).

> If so, I will spend a lot more time studying the
> documentation. I would be very grateful for any tips you can give me.

Well, this is definitely a VMWare setup issue of TCP/IP networking,
nothing really Firebird specific.

Milan Babuskov