Subject Re: Connect using dynamic ip address?
Author mlq97
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> mlq97 wrote:
> > Is it possible to connect a client to a db server which has a dynamic
> > IP address on a local network? If so, how does one set this up?
> > (I'm really weak on networking.)
> You can setup a local DNS server (or perhaps you already have one in
> your network) and use hostname instead of IP address.
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> Milan Babuskov

Thanks Milan,

To test my networked app I'm trying to set up an isolated VMWare
virtual network on my laptop and have a db "server" and 2 clients
within this. However my app uses TCPIP for DB access and I can't
figure out how to set the virtual network up to make this work. Is it
possible to do this? If so, I will spend a lot more time studying the
documentation. I would be very grateful for any tips you can give me.