Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: website is launched
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Sean Leyne wrote:

> This is not the right venue for this to be discussed as it is way
> off-topic for the support list.

Right, I was just going to propose to move this thread to
firebird-website or firebird-docs.

> At the same time, I'm not sure if this should be taken up with the
> Project Admins or with the Firebird Foundation, since the subject
> cross many areas (web site vs. funding...).

With the project admins: absolutely. But since none of the people is on the admins list, I guess we should keep
the talks on one of the above lists (or another more or less public
place) and post a message to the admins list so that interested
project admins can join in.

The Firebird Foundation may play a role later, *if* the talks are
getting anywhere (and if money is flowing in one direction or the

But let's first decide where we move the discussion.

Paul Vinkenoog