Subject Re: website is launched
Author David Richmond
--- Leyne, Sean wrote:
> This is not the right venue for this to be discussed as it is way
> off-topic for the support list.

Ok, if needed, feel free to contact us directly via e-mail address we
provide at the website.

> Further, as I see it, there are a number of issues to your proposal,
> starting with the obvious that the site promotes to non-FB project
> web links.

Well, you could declare it a "FB project" web link if you wish. AFAIK,
there is no rule that says you need to keep everything under a single
domain (or is there?). Anyway, if project is interested to lend us the subdomain, we would gladly put the website under
that name. This would remove the 'nasty' redirection. This way:

would serve identical content, and enable you to have pages like:

As it is really OT for this list, I leave it at that. It is obvious
that Firebird project members need to consider their options regarding
this. We are fine the way things are now, so take your time and let us
know when you decide.