Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: website is launched
Author Leyne, Sean

> The other reason is that maintaining FAQ is a cumbersome job, mostly
> not fun at all, so it's hard to find someone to do it for free. The
> plan for FirebirdFAQ is to have ads on the website which would give us
> some financial backup to keep the website running (it is already
> working fine, please don't start clicking like crazy now <g>). I guess
> this would be hard to do if it is part of, unless the
> project is interested in donating some funds.

> Martijn's proposal looks fine, but isn't good for us financially. We
> are all enthusiastic currently, but I'm affraid we would run out of
> steam in the long run.

I should point out that there is nothing which would prevent the
Firebird Project or Foundation from having paid ads on the web
site/pages and then using the revenue for whatever purpose it wanted
(including paying for the maintenance of the web site, FAQ, Wiki and