Subject Re: website is launched
Author David Richmond
--- Paul Vinkenoog wrote:
> BTW, one thing I read worried me: the possibility for advertizers
> to insert text in a FAQ page and make it look like it's just part
> of the regular answer instead of hired space. I know you didn't
> invent this practice, but IMO it undermines the credibility of any
> site (no matter how commercial) if you can't tell a paid
> advertisement from a
> supposedly unbiased editorial text.

Well, I can assure you that each submission will be careful read and
considered. If it goes together with the rest of the text it will
probably be rewritten to fit in properly. And we will only allow that
option when it makes sense. If we cannot agree with advertizer on
that, it will have to be placed as a standalone ad, clearly separated
from the rest of the text.

> The possibility (or
> rather certainty) of errors is hardly a reason to keep something off
> the website - unless, of course, the overall quality is really poor,
> but I hope you don't see you work that way.

Of course not. You're right, this is not a good reason afterall.