Subject help with error: Request depth exceeded. (Recursive definition?)
Author unclejung
I just upgraded on of our server from from Firebird 1.52 to 2.01 on
Windows 2000. I am encountering this error after the server was up for
a few hours:

Request depth exceeded. (Recursive definition?)

When the server was in this state, simple queries will work, but
simple store procedures won't, returning the above error. Restarting
the Firebird server service will get rid of the problem until it
happens again in a few hours.

The other problem I am dealing with is the large gap between the
oldest active and the next transaction:

ODS version 11.0
Oldest transaction 4924198
Oldest active 4924199
Oldest snapshot 4924199
Next transaction 5063357

This was a problem before I upgraded to 2.01, but could it be what's
killing the server in 2.01 and 1.52 some how was able to handle this

Help appreciated,

- Jung