Subject Re: 32bit 64bit advice please
Author Adam
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> Sean >> It is not a problem to run FB 32bit on Windows 64bit.
> Adam > Also, because you are running 4 cores, Classic Server will better
> allow you to make use of SMP capabilities. Superserver is limited to a
> single core.
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> Adam and Sean
> Thanks for the advice. My next question relates to SMP. The machine
> be heavily engaged with 64-bit MS SQL Server and relatively less so
> Firebird.
> I don't know how to do this yet but if I was able to dedicate one core
> to Firebird and let MS SQL Server look after itself, would that prevent
> Firebird from being swamped or deprived of CPU?

No, that would not quite achieve that. It would certainly stop
Firebird from swamping SQL Server but it makes it worse for vice versa.

From the firebird side, the Firebird.conf has a CPU Affinity mask
setting. It is pretty simple really to lock it to one CPU. I imagine
SQL Server would have something similar. (It can be done through task
manager by right clicking the task, but I imagine there is also a
setting, check the SQL Server docs).

You could set the affinity on both processes so Firebird could only
use CPU0 and SQLServer can only use CPU1, CPU2, or CPU3. There still
may be resource contention with both engines hitting the drives pretty
heavily, but it depends what each is doing.

By the way, if you do choose to lock affinity on Firebird, then
Superserver is probably the better choice. I suggested Classic to
allow it to make use of the other cores too.

> I think the correct answer is to just install it and wait to see how it
> goes and worry about what to do if a bottleneck appears. However, it
> does have an impact on the decision to use Classic or Superserver.

The two engines are literally interchangable. It takes literally 2
minutes to uninstall one and reinstall the other, so don't be bothered
too much by the choice.