Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 32bit 64bit advice please
Author Mike Dewhirst
Adam - thanks heaps.


Adam wrote:
> --- In, Mike Dewhirst <miked@...> wrote:
>> Sean >> It is not a problem to run FB 32bit on Windows 64bit.
>> Adam > Also, because you are running 4 cores, Classic Server will better
>> allow you to make use of SMP capabilities. Superserver is limited to a
>> single core.
>> Adam and Sean
>> Thanks for the advice. My next question relates to SMP. The machine
> will
>> be heavily engaged with 64-bit MS SQL Server and relatively less so
> with
>> Firebird.
>> I don't know how to do this yet but if I was able to dedicate one core
>> to Firebird and let MS SQL Server look after itself, would that prevent
>> Firebird from being swamped or deprived of CPU?
> No, that would not quite achieve that. It would certainly stop
> Firebird from swamping SQL Server but it makes it worse for vice versa.
>>From the firebird side, the Firebird.conf has a CPU Affinity mask
> setting. It is pretty simple really to lock it to one CPU. I imagine
> SQL Server would have something similar. (It can be done through task
> manager by right clicking the task, but I imagine there is also a
> setting, check the SQL Server docs).
> You could set the affinity on both processes so Firebird could only
> use CPU0 and SQLServer can only use CPU1, CPU2, or CPU3. There still
> may be resource contention with both engines hitting the drives pretty
> heavily, but it depends what each is doing.
> By the way, if you do choose to lock affinity on Firebird, then
> Superserver is probably the better choice. I suggested Classic to
> allow it to make use of the other cores too.
>> I think the correct answer is to just install it and wait to see how it
>> goes and worry about what to do if a bottleneck appears. However, it
>> does have an impact on the decision to use Classic or Superserver.
> The two engines are literally interchangable. It takes literally 2
> minutes to uninstall one and reinstall the other, so don't be bothered
> too much by the choice.
> Adam