Subject Re: 32bit 64bit advice please
Author Mike Dewhirst
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Sean >> It is not a problem to run FB 32bit on Windows 64bit.

Adam > Also, because you are running 4 cores, Classic Server will better
allow you to make use of SMP capabilities. Superserver is limited to a
single core.

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Adam and Sean

Thanks for the advice. My next question relates to SMP. The machine will
be heavily engaged with 64-bit MS SQL Server and relatively less so with

I don't know how to do this yet but if I was able to dedicate one core
to Firebird and let MS SQL Server look after itself, would that prevent
Firebird from being swamped or deprived of CPU?

I think the correct answer is to just install it and wait to see how it
goes and worry about what to do if a bottleneck appears. However, it
does have an impact on the decision to use Classic or Superserver.

Thanks again